Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

I was voicing my concern of the "wasted" cake when I level them to make layered cakes, when my brilliant friend suggested cake balls.  Of course!

There was A LOT of extra cake after making this!
So, here is my first tutorial. :)  BTW, you don't have to use "extra" cake; you can actually bake a cake just to make the cake balls. 

First, crumble up the cake in a bowl, and scoop in whatever flavor icing you want.  (The best part of this recipe is there are no measurements.)

Then mix it up till it's not cakey any more.  You won't want it too creamy, though, just because it will be hard to shape.

Since I had two different kinds of leftover cake, I made two different kinds of cake balls.  I just used whatever I had in my cabinet, so I made yellow cake with chocolate icing and chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.

I save my sprinkles from the Funfetti icing cans to use whenever I want. :)
Next, roll the dough into little balls and place on a platter or cookie sheet and refrigerate to harden a bit.

If you skip this step they'll fall apart when you dip them.
After you can touch them without them easily losing shape or getting all over your fingers, melt your chocolate and begin dipping... Here's where I forgot to take pictures. :/  You pretty much just drop them in the chocolate and use a fork to make sure they get completely covered.  Then place them on wax paper to harden. 

I used brown almond bark on my yellow cake/chocolate frosting balls and white almond bark on my chocolate cake/cream cheese frosting balls.

I put a few sprinkles on top to jazz them up a bit.  Yum-O!  Try them out.  So easy and makes you look so good! :)

Let me know if you make them!  I'd love to hear how impressed all your friends are. :)


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  1. Oh, I love cake balls! Have you ever had Oreo balls? It is a package of double stuff (bc the regulars are for wussies), mixed with 8oz of cream cheese. Then dip in white chocolate or dark...whatever strikes your taste buds fancy ;) yummo